Thursday, April 7, 2011

Living a Dream


The winning feeling has still not sinked in..No celebrations would be enough to enjoy this moment...No words would be sufficient to express this joy....
In a place where cricket is a religion, we have conquered the world...We are the World Champions...............



Cricket World Cup 2003 Final.

India had a dream run till the finals. Though India had lost very badly to Australia in the group stages, the team transformed completely and now are an all together different side. High on runs, wickets, confidence and support. It's revenge time for India. Defeat Australia and snatch the cup from them. An ideal scenario, as they say.

But does life offer you ideal scenarios? The day not only showed us that 'Nothing is Perfect', but also made every single thing imperfect. The dreams were shattered. Australia cruised along to victory and we found it hard to console ourselves and accept the fact that the wait has to continue...


2007 Cricket World Cup

This time, the team was more balanced, atleast on paper. But even that balance(on paper) was destroyed after 3 matches.
Coincidentally 23 March 2007 was the day we lost to Srilanka and were out of the World Cup.(23 March 2003 was 2003 World Cup final).
Sachin, 34 at that time, was compelled to announce retirement by news papers and critics alike. 'Anyway this is his last World Cup. He has nothing more to offer to cricket', they said. Each of the cricketers were criticized so harshly, even forgetting that they are humans. That is the intensity of cricket following in India.You do well, they'll support you to the core. You do bad, there is no one as bad as us!
Though I felt really disappointed for India not performing well at the World Cup, I also felt really bad that cricketers are being treated so badly. After all, even they wanted to win. They too would be disappointed. I showed my first sign of support by updating my name in 'Orkut' as 'I still support Team India'. I replied the same to each one of those who sent me sms jokes on Indian team. And I argued with every one possible and showed my support to Team India. I even went to the extent of posting a feedback on a news paper website to ask the Sports editor of that news paper to retire, and give opportunity to youngsters.(that was the same thing he was asking Sachin to do).
I knew it was difficult, but I wanted Sachin to play in 2011 World Cup. It was being held in India. Winning the World Cup in India would be ultimate. I prayed and hoped for the best!

2007 to 2011

Sachin’s love for the game and probably the criticisms he faced, motivated him to perform his best in recent past.3 of his top 4 scores(163,175,200) came in this period, many match winning efforts, and the motivation and techniques he gave to his fellow team mates, these all showed why Sachin is still required for Indian cricket.I used to be more proud being a Sachin fan, be cause he never disappoints.

World cup 2011 was on its way, very close.100 days to go, 'Times of India' had a full page ad, '1 Billion Dreams, 1 Wish'. Yes, the whole ofIndia had the same wish.We all knew that our bowling was not upto the mark. our fielding were pathetic at times. But we also knew that if each one took best of their efforts, we could still win.

I thought only about the positives. Even the thought of not winning the World Cup was scary. For a man who has been giving his blood and sweat for Indian cricket, not winning the World cup would leave something blank in his career. It's not that we have to win this Cup for Sachin. We have to win it for India. That is the best gift India can offer to Sachin.

Though all these dreams of winning the cup were alive, a slight fear was also developing within me. Can life be a full circle?Past proves not so. This man has achieved almost everything in Cricket. What will he be known as?
'A great cricketer to have achieved everything in cricket...except the World Cup...'That very thought was too un-thinkable. Fairy tale endings, or perfect finishes seldom happen in life.
2011 World Cup

But in a cricket frenzy nation, billions of people praying for the same cause for years together, I guess Gods too did not have any other option.

The scary feeling of India not winning would peep up every now and then, when India played patchy in initial rounds, yet the confidence of winning was also full fledged.

On the day of India- Australia match, one of my colleagues asked me,’Who will win?’, to which I repled, ‘INDIA’.
‘How come you are so sure?’,he asked
‘We are the Champions this time. We are bound to WIN!!’.was my reply.

April 2 2011
Fans hoping for ton of tons for Sachin, were disappointed not seeing this, but that actually was the fairy tail end here. A gift is not something that you earn. Its something others earn for you. The Indian team gifted Sachin his first World Cup win, his dream which he had been chasing for long, long enough that some of his team mates were not even born, when he had begun this journey! The journey which each Indian has closely followed, cheered and criticized..
Yes. Today I understand that my dream has come true..I have been living a dream and this joy has no bounds..I feel proud for having believed, cheered and supported our team.No vocabulary would help me to overcome my inability in expressing my happiness. Today, I feel a part of this team..I feel like a Champion, A true Indian Champion!


  1. well written man.. awsome writing!!
    Ending could have been much better.. but still I enjoyed the most of it.. Kudos!!