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Ok, when did this incident take place??The year when Dhoom music released and was a rage among people(I am lazy  enough to open a  new tab and google the release date of Dhoom music..anyway the date doesn't have any relevance to the story)
Not getting into too many details because I need to finish the story soon, as I have a feedback on myself that I tend to drag my stories too much discussing about irrelevant topics...Ok,ok..where am I heading to??
 that's it..over to the story.

This story doesn't have a hero.Only a heroine.Single and not ready to mingle.Almost 10 years old.
Just 10 years , you thought?Well this is my mom's 10 year old Scooty.
Dark Green in colour.
Built in intelligence which compels even the leanest of users to use kick-start so that more calories can be burnt!
Bright headlamps, Low beam not working and high beam pointing to the sky.They say, Sky is the limit!
Only the horn doesn't have any extra trait.It's difficult to hear the sound of the horn though, when the vehicle is moving.. because the sound of the Scooty (which can give competition to even a Royal Enfield Bullet), overcomes the sound of its horn.
As a reason, I tend to sing 'Dhoom Machale ', and following tune in my mind whenever I drive this Scooty...The Scooty's noise providing the perfect backdrop!
If you ignore all these..the Scooty was well in condition.

This particular day, I had taken this Scooty to go to the temple along with my sister.We passed Changaramkulam, me cursing the condition of the roads.There was Government initiative at that time, for saving rain water.Each house was asked to make a Water Harvesting Pit in their area of land, so that the water falling in each land stays there and doesn't flow away.The Government had led by example by making many such pits on the middle of the road, so that any water falling on the road, stays there itself !

Being a responsible citizen, I cursed the Government and people for not doing anything about this and looked at the Strong-tea-shown-in-advertisements like mud water in the potholes with contempt!

'Vrooooommmmmmm', a bus passed by in its full speed, splashing the mud water all over me, my sister and the Scooty.I applied breaks immediately, wiped my cheeks, and turned around in anger.Biting my teeth, i growled, "Bloody idiots"
The localites there gathered and one of them told me,"These bus drivers are always like this.They actually have been a nuisance for the public."
"Yaa..just go behind them, and show them what they have done", another guy showed his support.
"They shouldn't always get away like this..we are with you",said a third one.

Ok, what am I supposed to do?I did not have time to think..'Ok, come', I said and turned around the bike..I mean Scooty, and started following the bus...full throttle.I heard 5 or 6 bikes kick-started and they were following me.'Dhoom machale..', tune remix played in full volume in my mind.The bus was very fast, and I ambitiously followed it.But the bus had to finally lose the race as it reached the Changaramkulam bus stop (because it had to stop at the bus stop!).I thanked Changaramkulam bus stop in my mind, and over took the bus and parked it across diagonally in front of the style.The Dhoom tune stopped.
I thought about the NFS racing game where many police cars come from all directions and trap you.'BUSTED', it says.Here it's BUSted..I smiled in my mind as I thought this.

My sister got down from the Scooty, and then I got down.I put the side-stand and walked towards the bus.By that time, the other bikes had reached, and more people gathered to see what was happening.
I walked towards the bus, my sister followed.


I heard this loud sound of something crashing on the ground.I turned back to see the Scooty’s side stand was bit loose and it had failed to carry the weight of the vehicle.I took U-turn and  walked back to the Scooty.Lifted the Scooty holding its seat.


The Seat Cover alone stayed in my hands.'On no..why do you embarrass me in such a situation', I asked the Scooty and lifted in again carefully.Placed it in center Stand.Kept the seat cover on it.and again walked back to the bus driver.

I stared at the driver of the bus.He looked back, unknowing what was happening.

"How the hell do you think you are driving?See this", I shouted as I pointed mine and my sister's dress.
"We were going to the temple and see what you have you have any driving ethics??", i just started off with this dialogue, and the people gathered there took over from me.They started scolding them for all sorts of mistake they remembered any bus did, since their childhood days.
"I am sorry", the driver apologized to both of us.
"What Sorry, You need to buy them new dress.You have spoiled their dress",Someone gave his opinion and many of the infuriated people present there supported him too.
The driver was helpless and did not know what to say.
I decided to stop all these mid-road drama at this point and said to him,"You guys will never learn.But remember, you have to drive through the same route daily.If you don't drive properly........", and ran my eyes through the crowd present there, meaning that such things will be dealt by these people.

I turned back and walked to the Scooty.I heard imaginary claps of the crowd cheering me for having raised my voice against a socially relevant issue.
I placed the seat cover on the Scooty properly, and said to my sister. "We'll go to grand ma(whose house is on the way to the temple), and wash the mud away from clothes before going to temple".The whole crowd started dispersing and I started driving the Scooty with 'Dhoom Machale' in the background..
'oops, going to temple I shouldn't be thinking movie songs..', I thought and muted the mind music player and continued the journey....

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