Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arranged Infatuation !

The lazy Saturday morning, I got waked up by some noise being made by someone trying to unlock the house door. With my half opened eyes, I looked towards the door.It was Harry, one of my 2 roommates. He was making a lot of noise with the key and I shouted at him, 'Hey, don't make noise..go and sleep'.
'I'm going to have breakfast.'
Now, that's Harry for you, even after a night shift, or a late night party, a breakfast is a mandatory filed in his database.
'But you were supposed to go home', I meant he going to his native in Kerala.
'I am going today evening', he said as he successfully opened the door. But by that time, I had lost my sleep.
'Ok, bring me breakfast while you come'
'I can't. If you want you come along', he shot back.
'1 plate idly', I pulled the blanket over me and immersed my head into the pillow.
Once I heard the door getting shut and footsteps fading away, I got up from my bed and went to brush my teeth.

Within minutes, Fino, my other roommate woke up and I overheard his conversation in phone from the next room, 'Harry, 1 Dosa'.
Harry is not the official delivery boy in our house, such situations occur only when we wake up early enough to see Harry go for breakfast, which seldom happens. Harry was back with the breakfast and while me and Fino was having that, Harry started browsing Facebook.
Typical Saturday timetable !
Oh! But recently Harry was not only browsing Facebook, but also the matrimonial site in which he had registered.
'You read Harry's hobbies in his matrimonial site?', I saw the laughter coming into Fino's face while asking the question to me.
'No, what is that?', I asked eagerly.
'Listening to Heavy Metal, Hip-hop music !', I burst into laughter as Fino completed this.
'Ha ha...Harry, do you know any 1 band which performs Heavy Metal?'
'Of course,  Led Zeppelin is a Heavy metal band.'Harry shot back.
That’s impressive, I thought. But I doubted whether he really knew a band of Heavy Metal, as I have never seen him listen to any specific song just because it is Heavy Metal. He does often watch the channel VH1 and shake his head in accordance with the beats. We tease him saying he wouldn't even come to know when an advertisement comes and will still continue shaking his head, but Harry never minds that as he claims himself to be 'Funky'.
I walked to him and checked if he had Googled to find the Heavy Metal band.I was not completely wrong as he had 3 Wikipedia pages open. Heavy metal, Hip hop and Britney Spears. Led Zeppelin was the first band name which appeared in the 'Heavy metal' page.

'What is the name of the girl you are going to see tomorrow?', Fino asked Harry.
'Hmm..good name, you have any photos of her. Your parents might have taken some photo from her parents', i asked
'Why to see photo, She is already my friend in Facebook', and he smiled showing all possible teeth that he can.
'What? You don't know her. You are just going to see her for the first time .it's first step of an arranged marriage…and what if things don't work out. After the first meeting if you feel things are positive you could have added her as your friend. We feel this is bit early', me and Fino told in unison.
'Who told I don't know her? Now I am chatting with her', said Harry
' things are almost decided. This meeting tomorrow is just for the sake of meeting..Then it's cool..Show her photo, Fino said as he washed his hands after the breakfast.
Harry opened her Facebook album and showed the 4 photos of her which she had uploaded.
'The girl looks good. She will get a better guy', I said and observed how Harry would respond.
'In the wedding photo we will use Photoshop and make her look ugly', Harry gave the million dollar idea. I don't know what was the logic behind it or what is the use of doing like that, but I never tried to think too much about it as it is Harry who said it !
He  showed the next photo of hers in which she was holding a cricket bat.
'My God, after marriage she will hit on my head with this bat', said Harry
'Ha ha, don't worry, by your character she will not hit you with a bat. She will atleast use a hammer'.Fino replied to Harry's concern.

Teasing Harry was one of our favorite hobbies and we kept doing that whole day, and even the 'innocent' Harry enjoyed those. We wished him good luck to come back with a positive news.

'No yaar, there are lots of problems and we decided not to proceed with this', said Harry as we inquired with him once he was back, on how things went.'
'Why, what happened?'
‘Actually, we had checked the horoscopes and the astrologer had told that it is matching. But the astrologer that they met said it is not entirely matching. So they were not very keen on proceeding.Seeing their response even we thought not to proceed this. Afterall this is the first girl I am seeing. And I am not very old also.I have the liberty to take time and find a perfect person for me'
'Oh, ok fine. It's your choice afterall. And even I feel it's too early for an arranged marriage. if it had been a love marriage it would have been fine even if it's early. But for an arranged marriage you can take time', I gave my free piece of advice.
'And you have her as your friend in Facebook', Fino reminded.
'This is why we told you shouldn't have added her. There are lots of things to be okay in an arranged marriage. There are people who see more that 50 girls before finally getting everything okay, because you check the horoscopes, family background blah's difficult to finalize one. Imagine you add each one of them as your FB friend'
'Thats ok guys.Astrology need not match for being friends on facebook', Harry was okay with adding her as his friend, and we did not mind either after that.
Harry had given a short break for his wedding plans, and for the past 2 months there have been no proposals after that first unsuccessful attempt.
'Dude, do u still chat with Jiya on FB?', I asked Harry 'just like that'.
'Yes, we do chat'
'What?? I mean what do u chat..??Finally will you marry her itself? '
'No, nothing of that sort will happen. Actually we did make another attempt', Harry said.
'What?? Really??What happened??',asked Fino
'As I told the other day, we had decided to drop this proposal, but then again when we chatted, we were thinking that it might be a mistake made by the astrologer whom they showed. And we could try once again by showing to another astrologer. I asked my parents to convey the same to their family, but they were not interested in proceeding this.'
'Hey, but if you feel this is the right girl for you, why don't you talk with your family again', I asked Harry.
'No, it's okay now...My parents are not interested in proceeding. And I'll believe that this might be a mistake made by the astrologer whom I showed.', said Harry
‘Ohoo..You  thinking so positive?’, Fino asked
‘No yaar, if you give 50 horoscopes to that person he will reject at least 49.There was one which he approved that that got rejected by another astrologer. I think it should have been the other way round.Next time I go to meet him I’ll ask him to check his own horoscope and check if his death is by my hands.’
'Ha ha!, this might be problem of the astrologer itself..the parents could have agreed for another try… parents not agreeing in arranged marriage..this is a rare scenario..', I said and we moved on to other topics.

'It’s really okay for me…You know what, my parents have done a lot for me.. so I cannot fight with them.. When I told I want to do engineering, they sent me to a Entrance exam coaching center. The coaching center was 10 kms away from my home and so they bought me a bike spending 35000 Rupees', Harry went back to his school days.
'Oh then, what rank did u get in Entrance exam', Fino asked
Harry kept smiling.
'Hey come on, tell', I insisted
'Arey over took price of the bike..super', I said and all of us started laughing loud.

Harry had decided to get over Jiya's chapter and move on.So did we…

I was watching one of my favourite movies Dil Chahta hai on TV and Harry was in the  bathroom,  taking bath, singing some English song.

'Wohi tho problem hai yaar', says Saif Ali Khan, in the scene where he explains his friends that he started falling in love with the girl whom his parents had earlier brought a proposal of.

I was enjoying the scene in the movie when Harry came out after taking bath.
'Harry, your story on TV', I said
'which?what?', he asked
'Jiya se Jiya', I sang in the tune of AR Rahman's song
'Hey, it is nothing like was just an infatuation'
'ha ha, infatuation, that too an arranged one?',I asked him
'Yes, this is called Arranged Infatuation ! ',Harry continued,'by the way dont remind me of the past..there's a new proposal and I am going to see her tomorrow.' 

'Mere baat maan kisi ko kuch mat bata..Aaj Pooja,Kal koi dooja', Aamir's dialog was perfect in the backdrop.

'Ha ha', I continued my laughter and said, 'don't tell me you added the new girl as well as your friend in Facebook'
Harry’s answer was evident from the glow of the yellow LED lamps which came from his mouth.’ Not just her, her sister and couple of friends as well’, he said

‘You’ll never change !!’, I said and continued, ’ok, ok, good luck the way, this is a very interesting story..i'll write it in my blog', I said
'No no, if it was a good author I would have allowed..', said Harry,' and you will write incorrect things about me and simply tease me'
'No yaar, I'll write good things about you...and add some adjectives before your name, like Innocent, good, loving, handsome, i'll even write that the character is imaginary', I said
'NO NO..don't write about me', Harry never seemed to agree. It’s like that. Harry’s first decision is always his final. However big blunder it is !
'Ok thanks..I'll change your name something like....', I thought for a similar name,'..ok, got it..I'll make it 'Harry' '.
'Harry' still kept disagreeing and walked away.

But still I started writing ....

By the way Harry is handsome, loving, innocent and is an imaginary character !

Harry also has an adventurous person within himeslf..Find out more here.


  1. Nicely expressed...understood character of person very well :)

    Liked the way u narrated the whole story especilaay the last sentence :)

  2. hahahaaa :D kidilam.. I can even imagine all the expressions of imaginary 'Harry' .... d part dat i luv d most is the one wer he says he knows a Heavy metal band :D typical 'harry'!!!! :D

  3. enikkum ezhuthanam.... "brother sister diaries" of "nick and sally".... wat say harry?

  4. Great Yethin....commmon do it....full support from me...i will give more insight on nick

  5. Nithesh don't stop here... i can provide you more inputs on this "imaginary Harry". I don't know whether you know his banking skills.. hats off to him :-)

  6. thanks guys.. Sanku, do tell me the story of his banking skills.. i think i can start writing a series about him ! :)