Sunday, November 22, 2009

October 20 2009-- Part II

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I left to office late somewhere between 11.50 AM and 12 noon.and it's not late considering my office timings.Late to office and early back home is my motto though usually i may not be able to follow half of it.The second part seldom happens.
I started to office in my Stunner. The bike's almost a year old, but still as smooth as butter.I define it as metal friction at its smoothest.
The Bangalore Traffic was not at its best due to the fact that it was already noon.People will be already sleeping, i mean working/ studying in their respective offices/ schools.Though you don't get any Signal in this low traffic period, Sony World signal of Koramangala is a must.It's like if u don't get the signal, u can come home early from work!!!!
I was among the front lot in the queue, waiting for the signal to turn green.
Finally the Signal showed green and the green not only meant GO, but also' Something is waitng for u...Go and experience'.Without understanding that, i started my bike moved straight.A Tata Sumo overtook me and came just in front of me.I slowly followed the Sumo.It will take a couple of seconds to get out of the greedy rush that the vehicles had created when they suddenly saw the Green.
I was just 20 meters away from the signal, middle of the road when i saw the Sumo taking a suddent deviation to its left.A girl, age of around 20, stood in front of me.Just 1 meter away.My right hand pulled the disc brakes & leg applied all force on the brake lever..Some millisecionds later.Gravity pulled me to my left, the bike over me and the girl fell on the road!!!!
I have experienced my first Accident!
Crowd gathered around.Someone gave water to the girl; and lifted the bike from me and I woke up.No problems for me.I looked at the girl.Her cheeks are swollen.Lukcily nothing else.The traffic police came and noted down my mobile number and name.At the same time someone from the crowd came to me and told."Don't's not your mistake.".This short sentence poured loads of confidence into me and i thank that guy for the support he gave me.
I know its not my mistake..And people have identified it as well.Most  of them in the crowd told the police that it's not this guy's mistake.Ok! Point noted by the police.I got a bit releivedBut the police asked me to take the girl to hospital and give first aid.Until then he'll keep my bike.And took the keys from me.
Someone already called for an auto and the girl entered the auto.I followed.
Someone shouted 'Acura Hospital' as the nearest hospital and we headed towards Acura hospital.......

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  1. daa u stopped at the right point.... :P hehe....waiting for next
    with love

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  3. oru love story start cheyanulla ella sadhyathakalum undalloo ;)
    ninde ullile kadhakaaran veendum poorvadhikam sakthamaayi thala uyarthiyooo??
    waiting for the next post :)