Tuesday, November 17, 2009

October 20 2009

October 20 2009

After waking up late and skipping breakfast, I decided to prepare lunch and take it to office.Tomato Rice was in the menu.The rice got over boiled and I was reluctant to pack it.Ok'I'll have a brunch now, and not take lunch.I decided.

It was already 11.15 AM and as usual I was too lazy to go to office....I slowly had the tomato rice watching TV and left to office at around noon.

A sunny day and the whether was calm.It was a good day altogether..but only until I reached Koramangala Sony World Signal.

The day transformed...October 20 , 2009 did not see me in office.YES! I skipped office...But, the lazy boy in me felt it would have been better to be in office...

The day has changed everything...and still haunts...!!!
Oct 20 2009



  1. daaaa.....!!! great to see that you started blogging...and the very firt stuff is too magnificent :)

    Keep going

    All the best :)

    With Love,

  2. Enikkariyamm.. accident, hospitalil koottikkondupokal, pinne vilakkal, sorry, number kaimaral ippo daa blogum.. manasilayi moneee.. ninakkoru jeevitham udanee undakum..

  3. jeevitham undakalla..jeevitham konjattayavum.... ;)