Wednesday, December 23, 2009

October 20 2009-- Part IV

This being the 4th part obviously there needs to be 3 earlier ones.Here they are. 1st Part, 2nd Part, 3rd Part

The Red Happening Shirt

The day was not longer anymore..I explained the day's happenings to my parents, sister, friends and the day was soon over...

In the days that followed, I was more cautious while driving...anyway the incident slowly faded away from my mind.....
27th October 2009

I was busy in my office burning my head for innovative ideas to present my application to our clients, who were supposed to visit our office in the coming days.The Nokia tune in my mobile rang aloud.It took a look at the incoming number.Unknown.
I picked the phone.
"Hello, Is that Nithesh?" , a girl's voice
"Yes, Who's speaking"
"That day, that accident happened........."
"Oh! are you?"
"I am ok now...I showed to the doctor they referred and he did some tests and now I am recovering"
"Great!happy to hear.."
"Sorry for that day"
"It's ok..Take care while crossing the road in future.." I did not miss out the chance to give an advice.
"Ok.Now, we will be friends..ok?"
"ok..ok...I am a bit busy in office now..will talk later bye"
"Oh! You are still in office?Night shift?"
"No, actually had a bit busy...ok..take care...bye"
I went back to work..Though the call brought back memories of the incident, I felt much better that she was recovering.

The client visit in my office did not allow me to think about anything else...It kept me busy the whole day and next day too, of course not as much busy to keep myself from not checking the India Australia ODI score frequently.
The India Autralia ODI series kept me busy for the coming days.November 5th was a sad day for all Sachin fans.10 players could not add up 50 % of Australia's score, only for Sachin fans to further believe that he has to still win games for India single handedly.
The series was virtually over on November 8th, as the last match, scheduled for November 11 was abandoned due to rain.

The void filled by the ODI series was filled up by MS internal exam retests.Retests are for those lazy people who failed to write the exam in the first attempt as they woke up late during the day of first attempt.They get one more chance.Obviously I was a candidate.
November 17 2009

It was 11 AM.I was getting ready to office.I searched the wardrobe wondering which shirt to wear.Actually I was searching in almost an empty space as all shirts were waiting to be washed.Finally the red shirt caught my attention.It's the same shirt which I used to wear while taking seminars in St.Thomas College.It's the same shirt I wore for the IBM interview and got placed.And it's the same which I was wearing on the day I got my first project in IBM.
May be something lucky will happen to me today. I thought while ironing it.

Something actually happened due to which I had to change the definition of the shirt which I had given it earlier."My Lucky Shirt"...

@ Office
I have a call with my client on all Tuesdays at 8 PM and only 30 minutes left for the call.I was busy in checking previous week's meeting minutes and thinking of the status of each items. Some items have target dates, which I need to extend.Some dont have targets , and if he ask for a date, probably I'll have to ask him for more time..I don't mean more time to complete the work, more time to decide a target date, which I can extend later in future.
My mind was doing complicated calculations, when my phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

"Hello, Am I speaking to Nithesh?"
"That day accident happened right?I am that girl's father"
"ok..Hi "
"Actually we had seen a doctor and my daughter needs a surgery...So you need to pay for that...."

( be contd.)


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