Thursday, January 7, 2010

October 20 2009-- Part V

Hope you have read Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV before coming here.

"Actually we had seen a doctor and my daughter needs a surgery...So you
need to pay for that...."
I got shocked!!
In the previous days, whenever I used to think about the incident, I used to
think why did I ever pay the hospital bills.It was not my mistake.Anyway, I
had decided to forget about it but it just followed me.
"So you will be paying for the surgery, right?" he asked again.
"You know that it was not my mistake hat day, right?Even the police had
told to you..."
"What do you mean , u cannot pay?"
"See, what i told is...."
"My daughter is not an LKG student that she does not know how to cross a
"But she was in the middle of the road when the signal was green..."
"Then why did u say that you will pay if any surgery is required?"
"Surgery?When did I say like that?.."
"OK Tell me,You can pay or not?"
A Yes or No question and now I have to take my stand.
"No.It will be difficult for me..", I replied.
"Ok, i know what to do"..He hung up the call.

Now what?I looked to my monitor and ....and what I did not know what to
do.I was blank.

The phone rang again.same number.I took the call.It was the girl's brother.
"That day you had told that you will pay for surgery and now why are you
changing your word?"
"Which surgery?What are you talking about?You know it was your sister's
"My sister is not LKG student that she does not know how to cross a road."
"But her behavior on road was in that way.Even the policeman told you that
it was her mistake"
"I don't believe tell me you can pay or not?"
"Ok, I know how to deal this legally or illegally..."
He cut the phone.

Somehow this brother guy made me angry and I was ready to face the
consequence whatever it may be.

To my next cubicle, Sujan was getting ready for the call.I went to him.
"Sujan, I wan't to talk to you.We'll go to the conference room"
We walked to an empty conference room.I told him about the call I got 5
minutes back.
"Give me the number" he said.
I gave him the number.He called to that number.

"Hello, I am Nithesh's brother..Tell me sir.."
Pause(Their reply)
"What surgery?,You know that already my brother had taken all expense in the
hospital..?And also he stood in the hospital upto evening even without
going to office."
"How can you tell couple of hours?He was in hospital from 12 to 6 and you
are telling couple of hours.It will be good if you talk properly.If you
speak correctly we will also be the same.Else we also know how to deal
it.Already he has taken all expense and also auto charges comes extra"
"What only 20 Rs. Is it not money sir?At that time that auto journey was
much required for your sister..not my brother...ok?So it should have more
value for you people.. "
"Ok, you go ahead legally, We also know how to deal it legally, If you want
I'll give you my address also.You can come to me directly."
Pause(he told he doesn't want address and already have my number)
"Ok, you call me in this number or whichever number you have and file a
case against us..We will happily face it..ok...bye"
Sujan cut the call.
Sujan then told me"You don't worry, redirect the call to my number if they
call again"
"Hei, It's already 8 ..Come we'll join the call..."We ran out of the
conference room...

Exactly one month later.

It was almost 5 PM.I was a bit free and was planning to go to the food
court to have some snacks.
The Nokia Tune rang in ascending tone.
An unknown number.
I wondered who it might be.I don't like calls from unknown numbers now a days.
I picked the call"Hello"
"Hello .Am I speaking to Nithesh?"
"Hi Sir I am from HDFC bank.Sir, we are offering you a lifetime free credit
A smile came to my eyes...and I politely discarded the offer.

Still I don't like to see calls from unknown numbers in my phone..

And while driving, I don't know why, I feel all people tend to cross the road when they see me coming on my bike.Seeing my black bike with silver graphics, I wonder if pedestrians feel that a zebra crossing is approaching!

Now I don't believe anyone on the road.Neither the people driving, nor the ones walking.
That's what I believe is one of the golden rules to drive safe....and enjoy your ride!!



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