Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This tale is imaginary.And the 'i' mentioned in this tale, similar to what you have studied in your mathematics papers is(am) highly imaginary.
6.30 AM is too early on all Sundays.And this Sunday has had the luck to see an awaken me.
Today, I have some work with a colleague of mine in US, and this is the time we both could finally select for the same.

At 7 AM, I reached basement of my office and we(me and my bike) were lonely there.It was as though I had entered some haunted place.

My mind traveled back to two days at office. We were having a team meeting and we were discussing about ghosts.To make team meetings interesting, in the midst of talking about daily work and projects,managers discuss some fun stuff like stories, games etc.. to keep everyone engaged.They know that the serious discussions make us bored, but yet haven't realized that during fun discussions we will actually be sleeping!

In this particular meeting, 'ghost' was the topic.My manager was telling that considering the complexity of the projects we handle,those are too frightening that even ghosts will not dare to come to our office premises during office hours.Everyone were laughing for this 'joke' and I was thinking beyond, or say 'Out of the Box'!
If ghosts won't dare to come during office hours, will they come during non office hours?

7 AM on a Sunday is of course a non office hour and I stood alone in the lift lobby waiting for the elevator.
I entered the elevator and thought.Technology may go beyond imagination but it can never overcome one of man's basic instincts, FEAR.
'Fifth Floor', The lady's voice behind the elevator shouted and I stepped out.

I turned to my left, walked towards the door, and showed my Id card to the card reader.The door got unlocked and I pushed it open.
It was an empty office, fully dark.Empty cubicles welcomed me.I turned to my left in search of the switch board.There it is.I raised my right arm and stretched my forefinger toward one of the switches.


The light above me glowed and i wondered.My finger,still hasn't touched the switch!!!

I looked above me.It was still glowing bright.I was unable to move for a second. I pulled back my hand in a hurry and walked one step to my right.


The next bulb in the row glowed.

I stood there and glared at the lights.I waited for a whole minute.Nothing happened. 'Okay, now I''ll go to my desk',I thought.I have to pass 5 cubicles to reach my desk.I just lifted my right leg to start walking...

The lights started glowing one by one and stopped exactly at the point where my desk is located.

I stood on my toes and searched all around to check if anyone is playing any pranks on me.I wished I had a Control+F in-built in me so that I could search for any human existence in the floor.Anyway, the floor was silent enough and hence evident that there was no human other than me in there.
I walked slowly to my desk.The lights no more played with me.I switched on my system and sat on my chair.

Few more lights glowed and it stopped at exactly 3 cubicles away from my desk.I stared at that cubicle.Something is calling me there.I thought.I am being given a signal to go to that place. What is it??

I got up from my chair and dragged myself to that cubicle.2 cubicles passed and I finally reached the 3rd one.There was no one.An empty chair was there and I moved toward the chair.I got awestruck on seeing the monitor of the system.The system was ON.Some programs were running and the mouse cursor was moving.Some excel sheets we getting updated.I got shocked and I stared at the monitor.
Why was I called to this place.What and how is this happening here?
Suddenly a notepad appeared on the monitor and the following words got typed.

"U R going to be killed, wait there.I am coming..."

I read the words again and again.Who is this?What is it all about.I couldn't get answer to any of my questions.Who is controlling everything from somewhere??

"Hei...How r u dude?", a voice asked from behind.

"AAAhhhh..."I screamed aloud an turned back.
"Oh..Ajay..sorry...something... unexpected...sorry.."I searched for words. Ajay was standing behind me, now he was the one shocked, hearing my scream.

"Cool.... dude..what happened?"
"No......I mean..nothing...nothing happened.."
"Okay..relax...y u r here..Sunday morning?"
"Got some work with this your system?"
"Ya..had some viruses in it and the help desk guy was checking it through remote desktop connection...he's a friend of mine.I was in that conference room..was attending a call...has the help desk guy left any message?hmm..", and he looked to the monitor and read aloud from the notepad,"U R going to be killed, wait there.I am coming......oh! he's coming here..actually I had downloaded some songs n' all..probably that's why he's telling he'll kill me.arey..what's the use in coming to office if u cannot download songs.right?These help desk guys dont understand.."
"Right...Ok..u continue...let me colleague will be online." and I walked to my desk relieved and also thinking how foolish I had been...

I was walking to my desk when two facility officials were walking towards me.They were talking something and I could over hear them when they crossed me.

"haan..they have installed sensor system all over the floor.When u reach below one bulb it will glow.If there is no movement for some time, it will get off..for power saving...kya technology hai bhai.."one of them said to which the other replied
"arey what technology??They have messed up all the wiring and now, if one bulb is ON, many others are getting ON automatically .we need to fix it by tomorrow.Sunday wasted.!!!"

I quietly sat on my chair and started my work.
This Sunday was a wasted one for the facility people but certainly was 'enlightening' for me.


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  1. Awesome.. Cost COntrol and Download guidelines scared the s**t out of you huh!

  2. Nice work dude! Adding you to my blogrole.