Sunday, July 1, 2012

(Spain VS. Italy) VS. INDIA ;)

"No Spain, Just Pain' for Germany", Fino expressed his disappointment as I said these words..
"Ha ha..good one", Anish supported me,"I had already told him that it's Spain who's gonna win this Cup."
Anish had become a die hard Spain fan since...since I don't know when, but he was supporting Spain in the last World Cup.Until then, the only relationship I saw Anish having with any soccer match, was when he used to play Pro Evolution Soccer in his official laptop.Just like a sudden rush of adrenalin, something had struck him during the 2010 Football World Cup, that he declared, that Football is THE sport to be followed, and all other sports come not even second to it, but third or fourth to it.Since then he started following Spain, not because he liked Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, but some reason which not even he knows.
"Just see how the Spanish boys are gonna beat Italy and grab the Cup", Anish was overwhelmed for having been able to corner Fino, our official German fan.Fino, has one of his aunts working in Germany, and through her, knows a lot about Germany and Germans and that might be the reason that since childhood, he supports Germany.

"Spain are not going to win this time....Italy has its name written over the cup",for a temporary relief from Anish, Fino had to desperately take sides of Italy.

"Dude, All the stars are in Spain", Anish shouted aloud

"Stars are required in the sky, In a football match you need good players", Harry announced his entry with a quotable quote, smile attached.

“Hey Harry, have you been following the Euro Cup?”,Anish aked to Harry.

“Ha ha, that is a story”, stated Fino and got ready to describe that.
“Harry did not watch a single match until the semi-finals and during the first semi-final, he woke up at 12 getting ready to watch the match, with a half kilogram packet of banana chips which would help him be awake throughout the match.’It’s been quite some time since I saw a good football match’, he announced as he sat in front of the television and started eating the chips.Forget the match, he ensured that the chips was over even before the match began!.And after about 15 minutes of close analysis of the match, Harry asked a ‘genuine doubt’,’Can ‘anyone’ score a goal, or is it mandatory that a striker has to score?’ ”

“Ha ha”, I interrupted Fino,”..and you said he came to watch the match saying he hasn’t seen a good match since some time… what is that some time Harry, 27 years??”, I asked Harry

“Hey, I am just 26 years old”, replied Harry

“..which means you haven’t seen a football match since last 26 years, whatever, finally did he see the whole match”, I asked

“After about 30 minutes of the match, I couldn’t even listen the commentary because of the noise of him snoring ! ”, replied Fino

“This Fino is simply saying fake stories, This is due to disappointment of Germany’s loss.He is feeling thatI have said things, that I have not said.This is a desease known all amlesia.’

Amlesia”, repeated Anish “ha ha”

Harry continued his medical science knowledge, “You have to start treatment now itself or this will spread and reach a later stage called multiple personality disorder”

“My God, UNREAL…. it’s you who need treatment”,said Anish,”I can’t take it anymore…by the way, Harry,  which team you support in Euro Cup?", Anish asked to decide whether to stay sides with him or be against him in the further discussions.

"Harry supports India", I said as we laughed.

"I am true Indian, I support India even if we are not playing..not like you guys..", Harry showcased his love for the country.

"Okay, how many states are there in India, let me see your love for India", Anish tried to question Harry.I was almost sure that Harry wouldn't know the answer, I was also sure that only Fino among the group would be able to answer this question without using Google.

"I don't like creating barriers, I love India as a country, not as multiple states", when harry replied this, I sang, 'ChakDe, o ChakDe India' in the background..

As everyone decided to accept and forget everyone's ignorance, We started attacking Harry again.

"Hey, did you know, Harry got a legal notice from our previous internet service provider", I broke the news to Anish

"Really, for what", Anish inquired

"Of course, for not paying the bill", Fino promptly replied

"Arey, what is this Harry, you earn lots of money, own a 2BHK flat in a village which you say is in Bangalore, no one else agrees though, and you can't even pay a bill "

"It is just that the connection was in my name..It was a shared connection...",Harry tried to share the legal complications with me and Fino, as we 3 were the room mates, sharing the internet connection.

"ha they sent the notice to you only..good time Harry", Anish burst into laughter

"Actually it was a crap connection..", I started explaining the story,"..and we raised a call to cancel the connection.Still they kept sending bills, that too even after multiple mails and calls to cancel the connection.Finally we decided to ignore them.And we did not pay the bill also"

"Oh! Then it's fine I guess", Anish said

"Ya, but the problem is they might have a good legal team and all", Fino said.

"So what are you going to do?Gonna pay the bill?", Anish asked

"No way, we are not gonna pay the bill for that crap connection..As a last option, let them take Harry and jail him!", I said as I looked at Harry's face for his response

"Hey, get lost, Even if they do that , it will be a boon for the Central Jail", said Harry, "even Mahatma Gandhi has gone to jail", with the so called patriotism he said he was having, he did a un pardonable mistake by comparing himself to the father of our nation.In the first place we did not even  understand why he was even talking about being in the jail !

"Hey, Mahatma Gandhi has not gone to jail for not paying internet bill", Harry smiled as he know he was just countering our statements with whatever came in his mouth first.He then understood that it's better to change the topic
"We are deviating from the topic, when is the Euro Cup final?"
"It’s tonight",the Spain supporting Football enthusiast in the group replied.

"You support Spain, right?Spain will lose", Harry said to Anish

"Oh you support Italy?", Anish asked

"Yes I support Italy because....hmm...... I like Idly, and it sounds similar", whatever came first in his mind.

"ha ha ..whatever, I got a company against Anish", said Fino.

"If Spain wins, party by Anish, and if Italy wins, party by Fino and Harry, unfortunately I supported...hmm..o, Portugal, and they are out of the tournament.Else I would have given party", I said.

"Oh, I forgot, I don't support Italy, I support India ! ", said Harry as we all laughed aloud together.

"Harry, trying to escape from giving party...?", I asked?

"Dude, Life is all about Give and Take..You Give party & I'll Take it !", saying that Universal philosophy Harry opened his laptop and Googled 'number of states in india', as an attempt to increase his patriotism...Thirst for knowldege , they say...

Hail Harry!


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  1. ninaku inganate blogs ezhutan avasaram undaki tarunna ennem,pinne ente oro blunders note cheytu ninne blog akan prepikunna Simi Jayaprakash paranjal mathi itinokke.........anyways my blunders in different instances are expressed perfectly in a single story :P

  2. @Hari : Ohoo appo blunders aanu ennu nalla bodhyam und alle :P ?

    @Nithesh : Nicely written :) Good work Nithesh

  3. Kollam!!!! Eniyum poratte ithu polulla blogukal!!!!

  4. :) thanks appreciation njan orikkalum marakkilla!