Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Adventures of Harry

"I saw him in the pale moonlight.He ran swiftly, and I followed him.The burglar was more than 6 feet tall, well built.He had a scarf around his face so that none could recognize him.He jumped the fence effortlessly and turned back.I could see the cruelty in his eyes.I ran towards the fence.I could see the burglar searching for something beneath his boots.
As I climbed the fence, I had lost my eye contact with him.I could sense some object flying towards me.Even before I could react, a pen knife struck on my right toe.Before I could remove it the inertia had pushed me forward.I jumped with the knife struck to my leg.I screamed in pain.Blood was gushing from the wound on my toe.I remembered my blood group.AB +ve ,I felt the blood is telling me, 'Aye, Be Positive'. 'Yes,  I have to be positive', I said to myself.I pulled out the pen knife and threw it away and again ran towards the burglar who was just a few steps ahead of me.He did not expect me following him again after he saw me scream in pain.He thought I would withdraw.As I approached him, he pulled out a sword from somewhere and swayed it towards me.My reflexes helped me move backward, but the tip of the sword tasted flesh and blood of my left hand's little finger.I again sensed pain and closed my eyes for a moment, biting the pain.As I opened my eyes, I  saw the burglar disappearing in the night.My sorrow overcame my pain as he escaped..."
As Harry stopped telling his adventurous story, we looked at him awestruck!

"But the wound on your finger looks like it happened from a nail cutter", I said, and we all laughed.
"No no, Harry, this is a good story.You tell this one to everyone", as usual Simi encouraged Harry.
"Thanks Simi", Harry smiled and stood proudly with the little finger of his left hand held up, just like any kid would signal if he wanted to pee.
"Okay, finger is atleast bandaged.What about your toe.I can't even see a rash on your skin" I asked.
"Dude, immunity.My body quickly responds to wounds.In this case, because of 2 wounds, the immune system became confused which one to heal.So they selected the first wound.And this one healed quickly.", Harry explained
"Ha ha, excellent explanation", I appreciated Harry.
Everyone in the house were back to the lively mood which was present in the house couple of hours back.

2 hours back.May 26 2012
This was a special day, Our wedding day (For those who don't know, Me and Simi)

Harry had got the citizenship of the cousin's group of my house, because he has come more times to my house than he has gone to his own house.He had come to my house 5 times in the past 1 year, whereas in the same time period, he had gone to his own house only once.
Only Once to his own house, during that 'one' instance, even I and Fino were with him... That day, we teased him saying that he even forgot the way to his own house, and he to seemed to agree to it and blamed it on many new houses which got built in that area since the last time he had gone there.
"Trivandrum has changed a lot, Lot of progress after I left", he said."Maybe your absence itself is the reason for progress.", I replied that day.

Back to the topic, all my family members knew Harry due to his frequent visit to my house.And on my wedding, he was there for a week and was involved in all activities, from fun stuff to any chore in the house just as my own brother.

This day, after all the wedding ceremonies, the large family was playing some games, having fun time in the evening.We, the cousins group were playing 'Name,Place,Animal,Thing'.The game in which a random alphabet is told and every one should write a name, place, animal and thing starting with that alphabet.After one person finishes writing the 4 entities, he/she can count till 10 which denotes time up.Then each person read aloud whet he/she has written.Every unique entry fetches you 10 points, redundant ones get 5 points and 0 points for not writing anything.

'V', someone shouted loud.We all started thinking name, place animal and  thing starting with 'V'.
Within a few seconds, Harry started the countdown after having finished written all 4 entities with 'V'.I hardly thought for any animal which starts with V.Before I could think of anything, Harry completed counting 10.

'Okay , Let's start reading', Harry announced.

Each person read the Names they had written aloud and points were distributed  accordingly.'Place' was also done.'Animal' was next.

'Pass', I said.I had not got name for an animal starting with 'V' in the limited time.The next 2 participants also passed.It was Harry's turn next.Harry being the first person to have completed the round, we knew Harry has written an Animal.'Genius Harry', I thought.

Harry happily read out aloud,'Vulgar'.

"What?", we asked
"Vulgar", Harry continued,"You know its the bird with curved horn"
"Bird with horn??", we started laughing
"Sorry, I meant beak", Harry clarified.
"ha ha, dude, that is Vulture, no points for you"
All of us started laughing, and Harry tried to find excuses and somehow gather the points,"Actually that is what I meant, it is a small spelling mistake"
"Bird with a horn, Vulgar, ha ha", the laughs continued.

"AAAAAAAA", Suddenly we heard a scream from within the group.Harry stood there, shaking his left hand and blood spilling everywhere.Subhi chechi had screamed seeing this sight!

In between the whole discussion, Harry just moved his hand backward and the little finger of his left hand entered inside the frame of a table fan and the blade of the fan had cut his finger.Blood continued pouring.Someone ran for ice cubes, someone went for water and someone for cotton.After couple of minutes, the blood stopped, but the silence within us remained.

Harry's shirt, trousers and the marbled floor were designed with drops of AB+ blood.

"You know what, sometime back, Harry had gone to the kitchen to drink some water.The glass fell down from his hand and a piece of glass graced through his right toe and he got injured..This is the second time today", my sis told me.
"Oh! Is it , which toe?"
"Right one.That's not a very big wound, but..",I could feel the disappointment n her words.

'Harry's little finger'  was a trending topic in the house now.We had a look at Harry's finger.The end of the finger was split in such a way that it could be opened like a window.Still Harry was smiling."No problem, there is not much pain, I am fine", he said.

The elders stepped in and after lots of discussions, it was decided to take Harry to the hospital.
Harry came back from the hospital with 4 stitches in his finger.
"If anyone asks, don't tell that this happened due to the blade of the fan.",Harry said,"I have come up with a story"
"What story?"
"The story of a burglar, which tried to enter the house. I saw him in the pale moonlight.He ran swiftly, and I followed him......"Harry continued the story.
As Harry completed his story, everyone in the house were back to the lively mood which was present in the house couple of hours back.

"Harry, I really doubt whether you did this deliberately", I said

"Why would he put his finger inside a table fan deliberately?",Simi asked

"Since the day our wedding was decided, Harry has been telling me that he is going to ruin our wedding night.And you know what, for Anish's wedding night Harry even went to the extend of giving an idea that we shall burn crackers and throw those to their bedroom through the ventilation outlets.Luckily for Anish, the idea was rejected.You never know, Harry comes up with such weird ideas"

"No yaar, this one, he has not done deliberately.Doesn't he know that it will pain.", My sis asked

"He doesn't have enough intelligence to think that",I replied

"Ha ha, poor Harry, already he is in pain, and you still teasing him?", sis asked

"Okay stopped.", I said, "By the way, Harry, which hospital did you go to?",I asked

" 'Mother and Child' Hospital"

"Are you the Mother or the Child in that",I asked as we all, including Harry laughed.

Teasing Harry never ends.Just like Harry's similar other adventures!

Harry not just rocks, Harry hills, Harry mountains!! :P

Harry's love for football and his patriotism can be read here.Enjoy!  :)

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  1. Harry, u definitely rock!!! if it werent for you, how would Nithesh be able to make all of us laugh so hard! :)